Friday, February 27, 2009

Love the little things

Why do we not apply "A Rock, A Tree, A Cloud" to our lives? It seems like such a simple concept. Love the small things, understand love, that is to be love, and to love something in return, before moving to the complicated.

As humans we do not function this way. From the time that we are born we are constantly told that we are loved by our parents and our relatives. So we naturally try to be at that level of loving right at the beginning of our creation. And it is no wonder that we are confused by love for the rest of our existence.

We search to find something that completes us, but we do not understand the complete selflessness of love. If we were able to understand how simple love truly is perhaps we would be better off, because we would finally not worry about all the bumps along the way that occur when you love someone.

Now if we try to love a rock for example it may be harder than we first though because we have to work backwards. We overlook the rock, because it isn't "living" and if we treat it this way then we treat it as inconsequential.

However, how often do we say, "I love that song" "I love lamp" (for you Will Feral people) these things are all simple, but they are just turns of phrase and mean little to us in the end. Perhaps when we really do begin to love what someone else has created rather than what we our selves have created, then we can grow as human beings.

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