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Finally the semester has drawn to a close, and of all the classes I am most sad to see this one end. It seems as though it has been a long time since my imagination has been so engaged in a class, making me excited to go to class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The tales which we encountered were tales that I was familiar with, however, the way in which they were presented had me mulling them over long after the class that day was finished. Since taking this class I have begun to notice the world around me much more, I look at the things I love and try to love them with the intensity and simplicity of A Rock, A Tree, A Cloud. Each situation I encounter has me analyzing it for what I can learn from it, asking Why is this so familiar to me? Have I seen this before? All of this goes back to All that is Past Possesses the Present. One of my favorite pass times since hearing this phrase has been trying to convince my friends that this is true. Seeing the enlightenment on their face is a joy to me, once we establish that then we are able to move on to what we can learn from this, and hopfully solve all of the worlds problems. In addition NEVER have I encountered such an enthusiastic class and teacher. The combination of the both of them, drives me to do better, and be better within the scope of the class. I also want to experience everything that we read about (to an extent). I want to love like Cupid and Psyche, I want to play tricks like Hermes, Have the parental love of Demeter and Persephone, Cherish children as the Trojan women did, and love my country like Iphogenia. All of these things are so exciting, and I hope that I can experience them to some extent, even if it is for only a short time through the books we have read.
Basically. I would like to thank Dr. Sexton for sharing his enthusiasm for the Classical Literature with me, It has given me a greater outlook on life, and perhaps opened my eyes a little bit. I would also like to thank the class for sharing their many talents, it was an amazing experience to see everyones talents displayed in a vast array. So once again thank you, for the most enjoyable class of the semesnter.


It is amazing that even though everything that is past possesses the present we still manage to use our imaginations to entertain. Everyone who has presented in the last few days have shown their imagination in facinating ways, everything from drinking, and amazing art to game shows and Antigone remaid with dogs. Truly this class has some amazing talent, and perhaps this is not as strange as it first seems. Since all that is past is a part of us, then perhaps we have just been conditioned for too many years for us to not be imaginative. Each piece is exciting and entertaining on so many different levels. It astounds me that there have been no over laps in the tales. Sure each group has taken something from the different texts and used them, however the way in which they are used is truly exciting to me. Perhaps within the realms of this class we may have the next Ovid, or Socrates, who knows, but after seeing these presentations and hearing these papers I would not be surprised. The entire class has illustrated their power to imagine and entertain hopfully we will see more of this in years to come.

April 27 Class Notes

Group 3
  • feast of dionices
  • volunteers
  • Women dancers and Men posing
  • Sparagmos Dance
  • Modern Antigone w/ dogs
  • Mark and the tiolet is a comedy
  • Casting director and producer= Erysicthon
  • Man eating himself

Group 4

  • Spoof on Midas story
  • present day (donald trump)
  • The Golden Fool
  • Jesus changes donald
  • ultimately ends up bald
  • use mass texting
  • very funny!

April 24 Class Notes

Requirements : Read
Brian's blog
Rio's (Audio)

  • no comments on papers, lengthy ones via email
  • blog
  • 2 tests
  • presentation score
  • term papaer
  • add final grade

Group 1:

  • Symposium
  • Rio is liberated, filter over your eyes, all you need is love
  • Christina= art is love ist is constant and feeds inspiration
  • in love life
  • not a prisoner of live itr is freedome
  • Vernice
  • love is unscientigic love is sickness of mind
  • it is not a disease
  • Kahla
  • only one love
  • love is an act of will it is a choice
  • learn love i nour childhood
  • Ann
  • love is violent
  • love is confusiong it is a prey
  • disquised as lust
  • unexpected/no right or wrong
  • Jillian
  • all the facets of love
  • sex ed., lovers, power plays
  • living alone when you are naked
  • Luke
  • love IS
  • always strong
  • Romantic love
  • draws everyone
  • stunning and surprising
  • we love love
  • from all the moments, kisses, holding, scared to meet parents
  • love never ends

Group 2

  • Everything else Conflicts Homeric hymns Ovid
  • games show,
  • charades and pictionary

Monday, April 27, 2009

April 22 Class Notes

  • violence in the media
  • violence worse today=not true
  • ovid refutes that
  • media=control, and it is cathartic


  • echo
  • oen of the most powerful characters
  • self made immortality
  • she is tangible


  • the 4 ages
  • felt they are too harsh
  • not absolite there is still beauty


  • wrote a story
  • bull finches mythology
  • Pyramus and thisbe


  • Response to his own father
  • metamorphosis through the class
  • family death
  • catharsis reading/writing


  • tragedy in his life
  • metamophosis in the class to now
  • how he changed for the better
  • end of ovid's exhile
  • death is the mother of beauty
  • people are beautiful because they die


  • Erysicthon
  • everyone is greedy
  • compared it to america
  • relation to modern life


  • comparing Metamorphosis (Kafka) to Golden Ass
  • the different stages of their changes


  • classical literature is phallocentic and it down plays the women
  • Creon/Antigone
  • Rape of the women Zeus vs. Trojan Women
  • women as objects


  • Pathagrus
  • metempsychosis/ vegitarianism
  • Callisto and Penthius


  • magic
  • the idea of innocece in imagination
  • child belife we lose as we get older
  • turn into a butterfly/loss of magic
  • wish we could be adults with youthful innocnece


  • Popculture and our stories
  • rocky horror picture show/ pygmalion
  • human condition


  • symposium
  • transformation story of her theory on love
  • daughter of aphrodite and the daughter was lost
  • raised by humans and becomes a song
  • concerts and songs feeling of complete joy


  • Power of Eyes
  • indiana jones and cupid and psyche
  • pwoer to steal the soul


  • idea of love and what socrates learned
  • love is a spirit that brings 2 people together


  • Metemporphosis and how it applies to our lives
  • ted hughes= instantanious
  • our lives= catapillars which is just as extreme
  • teenage girl
  • seeing poverty

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 20 Class Notes

  • what i learned in this class
  • greek literature affects all forms of literature
  • Spirited away= parents turned into pigs,
  • must not look back = Orpheus


  • Absolute man- pursuit of transformation
  • obids transformation throughout the book
  • remaking ourselves


  • Boastfulness of Niobe and how we see that in ourselves


  • Anamnesis
  • love as a feeling when we remember
  • retold story of his mother's lullaby
  • being able to remember that s/ her and understanding their relationship
  • connection with mother through anamnesis


  • shadow country
  • rerenderinf of mythology
  • the conflicts


  • the death of children
  • woman in her community who killed her own children
  • love of a child is a horrible thing to lose
  • Read MEDEA


  • Cupid and Psyche
  • today''s version also, a frame narrative


  • tragedy- trojan women
  • why do we suffer and modern tragedy
  • realization within boyfriend, " I know how you feel"
  • so you know you are not alone in your suffering


  • love leading to immortality
  • beauty leads the divine
  • recognizing the completion in ourselves
  • everyone experiences soe love but each is unique


  • love
  • how love and dath share a close bond
  • cant have one with out the other
  • hades loved Persephone very much, and let her leave
  • even death needs to be loved
  • love must be kept together = Haemon and Antigone
  • "death is the mother of beauty" Wallace Stevens from poem Sunday morning


  • Callisto and the girl with the Pearl Earing
  • callisto is everywhere
  • sea, cowboys, time, indians

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nobody like Mom

When reading Cupid and Psyche it is quite funny to me to think about Cupid running home to mother, because she can make everything better. Not much has changed, parents still dote upon their children and my family is no exception my father's mother is the sweetest, quirkiest, craziest lady that I know. But because of this she is loves her children and loves to tell her grandchildren what fabulous children our parents were.
Once my siblings and I were watching t.v. and an ad for some Micheal Jordan memorabelia came on and we began talking about how difficult it would be to be his kid, my dad chose that moment to jump in saying that must be what it was like for us. He was quite surprised when we agreed with him...but not for the reasons he was thinking of :). Our grandmother in every single conversation I have ever had with her, has mentioned how wonderful my father is "you know when your father was in high school he worked so har" and when I left for college "your dad came home and worked on the ranch for a semester to help us all out" when I got a new car "we bought your father a car, but he gave it back because he wanted to pay for it on his own" when my friends get in trouble for drinking "your dad never drank in high school, he just played poker" my grandma may seem naive in some senses but for all of it she loves her children with a passion that is incomparable. My father in turn is much the same "you know Julie (my mother) mom made a great meal for lunch, she does such a great job, shes such a great cook" all while we are eating my mom's cooking. They have a strange relationship....anyways.....
So while I was reading Cupid and Psyche and this kept replaying through my head. Mothers and Sons have a very strong relationship and seem unable to see each others flaws and are willing to do anything for one another, this is so similar to my dad and grandmother, it makes me smile, because I can relate so well. It makes sense that ancient writers would chose these parental relationships to write about, because to be honest not alot changes from year to year, especially familial ones. If nothing else this gives me hope, for my relationship with my children in the future

April 17 Class Notes


  • Originality/ Pinoccio
  • wanting to become a real boy becomes an ass- fulfill task is then a real boy
  • reminded of what we forget


  • Transmigration
  • why there are family resemblances
  • any imaginary life pg 64
  • transformation of our soul in to betterment


  • also transmigration but in conversation form
  • how you look @ life
  • losing friends and gaining new ones at cllege
  • easier to welcome change with open arms
  • everything returns to laughter


  • Laughter
  • used sotry of Ramahan?
  • god, human folly and Laughter
  • Begin with laughter and end with laughter (tragedy and comedy)


  • nothing is as it seems
  • circumstances shouldn't be taken for granted just because they are not original

Zach Smith

  • What I learned
  • emotions connect to us
  • need deeper level connections
  • correcting past and present through emotions


  • one god 2 names
  • Zeus and Jupiter
  • suit what they wanted out of their people
  • Greek art and Roman Warriors


  • Movies and Literature
  • Legends of the fall- Hermes- brother's feud
  • Gran Tarino- Antigone- The Conflicts
  • dances with Wolves- An Imaginary life


  • Hitch hiking boy, runs away from problems and learns life lessons from a man along the way who says you cannot get rid of anything without thinking about it
  • explores all is suffering all is fleeting,
  • make peace and accept life and what it is


  • Love and Lust and the combinations
  • Child love = innocent
  • Lust can complicate
  • searach for the balance of the two


  • An Imaginary Life= festival of Dionisis
  • waking up in the imaginary life and being a part of the festival
  • anamenesis


  • Past possesses the present
  • applies to evberything in our lives
  • chorus old and new
  • it is like babe
  • the guys at the coffee shop


  • what would have happened if the child had really been a wolf
  • difference between knowing and KNOWING
  • we know the difference
  • if we forget everything every time then we must do everything over through history
  • kind of anamnesis

April 15 Class Notes

Shadow Country: 900 pgs....but definitely a good read

The Golden Ass

Exemplary Romance/Wonder Text
  • outrageous adventures
  • discovery
  • buffetted by fortune
    form basis of outrageous literature/comedy that you will continue to encounter


  • Hero's journey, only it is a woman
  • impossible tasks must be completed before the happy ending
  • like Beauty and The Beast
  • at heart the beast is kindly
  • story of innitiation, that of Psyche to Mount Olypus
  • Psyche moves from Bimbo to Divination
  • Sister's demand that she sees her "ugly" husband
  • she sees he is beautiiful and accosts him and wax falls on him
  • she is pregnant

Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis

  • cult following
  • version of Cupid and Psyche



pricks her finger on his arrow and "so the soul falls in love with love"

  • she holds onto his legs and he kicks her away
  • Psychic development of the feminine
  • trys to kill herself but instead she washes ashore
  • tells a lie...this shows the powers of invention, saying that her husband wants to marry Psyche's sisterand she must jump off the cliff to win him, instead the sister dies

Ch. 9

  • boyfriend comes in and kills the robbers
  • Venus says for capturing Psyche she will reward the finder with seven kisses and one french kiss
  • Once Psyche is caught, she must perform impossible tasks, however the beasts help her to solve her problems, as well as several other animals
  • the ultimate thing that Psyche must do is ask Prosperpina for her makeup and she must go to the underworld for this
  • she must not open the box, but she does and falls into a deep sleep
  • Cupid saves her and she becomes immmortal

Ch. 10

  • frame narrative
  • not a happy ending,
  • she kills herself


  • elaborate pantimime of judgement of Paris
  • much like the mask in the Tempest by Shakespeare
  • Lucius runs away from the circus


  • jumps up to purify himself in the water seven times
  • prays to queen of heaven to make him a man again (Isis)


  • epiphany - sudden manifestation of the divine into the ordinary world


  • true name is Isis= universal mother
  • wants him to vome to high priest (initiation) take the crown of roses and eat them he will then be turned back
  • look @ deborah's blog


  • he is transformed
  • becomes a priest of Isis


  • Lucius talks to audience
  • in the end it is happy but we must be initiated...we must eat the roses

Friday, April 17, 2009


Elizabeth Riley
English 213
Michael Sexton
April 17, 2009
The Emotions of Love and Lust

Our emotions are volatile things, changing on us constantly, and messing with our everyday lives, and none seem to mess with us more than the emotions of love and lust. The two at times may seem quite connected, keeping one physically attracted to their emotional equal; while at others the combination of the two will do more harm than good. Emotions such as these make our lives more interesting, perhaps because even after thousands of years we still understand very little about them.
Our first encounters with love come at a very young age, we are sweet and innocent and we begin to love the world around us. We love the simple things in life, that which does not need a larger purpose other than to be our tree house. This is the point in our lives where we expect nothing in return for our love and we have begun by loving right; here we love the rock, the tree, the cloud. Love such as this been sought after by others who want to regain the innocence of the love they once had, one that is not tainted by the prejudices and preconceived notions accumulated over a lifetime.
Children are the purest of all living beings, and with their innocence and the boundless love felt towards them the loss of a child hurts on a much deeper level. The loss of a child is the worst thing that can happen because love is involved, not just that of the parents but the loves of the child as well. When the love the child feels for the world around them is lost, a sense of emptiness is left, with nothing to fill its void because there is no way of regaining that love, no way of turning back the clock and no way of replacing the love that they gifted the world with; once it is gone it is lost forever.
When we are older love and lust are allowed their first opportunity to mingle. It is almost like the emotion of lust is allowed to enter our body through all of the hormones we feel at this time in our lives. This is the time when lust is so overwhelming it takes over any tender feelings that love might have had in our heart before this point. We become driven to fulfill our thoughts and the actions that follow and these are not something we are proud of , in fact more often than not are embarrassing beyond belief.
Usually our first attempts at fulfilling our feelings go quite horribly, resulting in red faces and bruised egos. Some will go so far as to try and view the object of their lust nude, and inevitably there will be consequences, Actaeon was turned into a stag and ripped to shreds for daring to lust after Diana after he saw her bathing naked. Fortunately for most people this will not happen to them, although it is quite likely that parents will not be happy with the situation, most especially the fathers.
Later as we are more able to deal with lust and love at the same time, we are still inevitably drawn towards lust. In everyday situations our physical needs over power the emotional draw we may feel towards another. Often this results in trying to pressure our significant other in to sexual relationships that they are not ready for, resulting in the severing of this relationship and is inevitably followed by remorse; by being overwhelmed by lust, the chance at happily ever after is ruined. Lust also makes us very easy to manipulate. If we are as smart as Lysistrata we use the lust that others feel towards us and con them into giving us more power. In more modern situations we will go to great lengths to make the object of our attention happy in the hopes of sexual gratification.
When love and lust are together there are times when things seem contradictory. The love one feels for another may overpower the lust factor, leaving the relationship feeling entirely too bland, while at other times the lack of love in a relationship can make one feel empty inside. Perhaps too much lust will leave one in a relationship much like that of Myrrhine, where the husband neglects the child because he has not been sexually satisfied for so long. On the opposite end, a lack of lustful thoughts may leave one feeling unwanted and less than desirable, which is never a good thing in a relationship.
There are times when love and lust are perfectly balanced, or at least co-exist on some level. This may sometimes mean that the existence of these emotions together create a sense of harmony within us. Light fills our days, and heat fills our nights in short, there is nothing wrong with this picture. Our soul finds its counterpoint and we are in a perfect love as that of Psyche and Cupid. Experiences during this time are unlike that of any other in our lifetime, and we hold them more precious and dear that anything else.
Love and Lust are inevitable emotions, and a huge part of who we are as human beings. Our need for each of them is fundamental, and reveling in them is not a bad thing. They play with our other emotions and allow us to get into trouble and try and talk our way out of it. If we were void of these emotions we would be left with a meaningless existence. Without love and lust we lose two of the most flavorful spices of life, which keep us striving to reach that one point of completion, where lust and love meet in the perfect union that has the ability to make us giddy and care free in ways that no other emotions have the ability to; they intimately connect us to another human being. This completion of our bodies and our souls makes all of the pain, and embarrassment along the way well worth the trouble.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 13 Class Notes

2-3 min presentations
example (an enjoyable one)
read a sentence from your piece

on friday

Golden ass pg numbers of interest
  • 18
  • 25
  • 2860
  • 71
  • 93
  • 117
  • 120
  • 127
  • 131
  • 132
  • 139
  • 143

A young woman is abducted by robbers , and an old woman tells her the best way out of this is through story. so she tells her of Cupid and Psyche

18- Outrageous happenings that are hard to beleive even though you are there

"Gimple the Fool" also stretches the bounds of credibility

25- what you see is not really what it seems

28- Acteon seeing Diane bathing

59-60- character who is not bright in an odd situation/ n elaborate hoaz for the benefit of the protaganist

ex: the truman show, or Anger Management

71- His transformation

  • rub ointment but the wrong kind is put on him and then he was abducted by bandits
  • only way to change back is to eat roses
  • look at Deborah's for meaning of the goldene ass and the religious take on it

Once Upon a time...transportus us back into a place that cannot be exactly pin ounted

  • beauty and the beast- cupid and psyche
  • phylosophical allegory between the soul and its relationship to love
  • psyche means mind now but was originally used for SOUL
    always a butterfly
  • cupid is a trickster
  • psyches accepts death like Iphogenia, even though Psyche is saved
  • the best love is to be in love with love!

April 8 Class Notes

Dickenson= plots of romanc

boy girl grow up together and are separated and in the end are reunited
also in greek literature
Arabian Nights
If i could have married anyone....Little Red Riding Hood

What I know now, that i did not know then and the difference it has made
if you cant find another topic for your paper use this one

Blog over weekend
continuous blogging as reading
Ch. 4 Cupid and Psyche look for illustrations

Fransis the Talking mule which became Mr. Ed which was similar to a Midsummer's night dream which is from the Golden Ass

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Of all the deadly sins, it has been said that pride is the worst, and perhaps this is true. I, however, would counter that by saying Jealousy is most detrimental to those around you. Jealousy is not so easily recognized, and may be shown in other forms such as anger, as well as deception. Those who are jealous of another, may easily hide what they are feeling because it can be shown in the form of another emotion. Consequently the person that the envy is directed at may have no idea when disaster may strike or when they may be sabotoged, most especially when it is a family member. Cupid does not realize he is being manipulated by his mother and Psyche does not realize she is being manipulated by her jealous sisters. Consequently disaster strikes. If this baser emotion had been contained perhaps the pair could have continued on in bliss. I think it is true that one is content until a seed of doubt is planted. In this instance the seed was planted out of jealousy, not out of love, or the need and caring one should actually have for one's sister. Instead by being purely self motivated the lovers were broken up. It would have made a great twist at the end if Cupid had refused to shoot them with his bow and arrows and consequently they would never find the love that they took away from their sister.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Exam #2 Notes

Know all of Ovid, including intro (he has a certain skepticism in his work)

Allen mendlebalm has a better opening line:
I shall have life
this is true because we can immortalize ourselves through books and writing


1. what is flighting?
bantering, especially in Lysistrata between the 2 choruses, with deragatory comments
2. What is a tally?
a broken piece of a coin, which in the symposium was explained by Aristophanies when we were one

3. Echo.....just know it all

4. What two characters are models of Romeo and Juliet?
Pyramus and Thisbe
5. Name three of the seven speakers and be able to say what they talked about...
Phaedrus=love and sacrifice
Pausanias= heavenly love vs. common love
Eryximachus= love harmonizes us
Aristophanes= we are a tally, we were once whole and have now been broken, and look for the one to complete us
Agathon= love is beautiful and perfect
Socrates= love can't be beautiful and perfict, desire, one cannot desire something if they alreayd have it, love is wanting, love means not having the thing you need, it is an intermediate stage, love is loooking for that which he does not have (he heard this from Diotima
Diotima( kind of )= love is a great spirit between god and mortal, immortality of thehuman soul
Alcibiades= praises socraties, he hates him because he loves him so much.

6. Tragedy means_________ and comedyd means___________.
goat song; song of the Revel

7. What is metempsychosis?
transmigration of souls
8. what is catharsis?
purging of the feeligns of pity and fear....tragedy
9. what is the worst thing that can happen to you (according to the Trojan Women?)
Sacrificing a Child
10. What does obscene mean?
off stage
11. difference between old comedy and new comedy.
old comedy deals with flighting, and the continueing banter, while new comedy deals with boys and girls and obstacles between them

12. Plato's theory that we already know everything we just forgot it all?
13. Which goddess offerred Helen to Paris? (what did Paris chose as a gift from the Goddesses?)
Aphrodite Helen
14. Dr. Sexton says to think of reincarnation as?
poetic thought or a metaphore

15. What character does Aristophanes use for reconciliation in Lysistrata?
a naked girl

16. Difference between Sophoclian and Euripidan tragedy?
sophoclean is formal while euripidian is emotional

17. tragedy is associated with what? comedy?
tragedy is individual while comedy is community

18. why do we laugh?
to keep from crying

19. in what story does a bear become a constellation?
20. what is paraasis?
abusing of the audience, a part of comedy, make fun of the audience

21. woman as spoil of war become what 2 things?
concubines and slaves

22. what is PHallocenticism?
the domination of a culture by the male point of view or the phallic point of view
23. Aristotle believed the perfect literature was...
24. According to Plato what happens when you see something beautiful?
your shoulder blades itch because we want to get back to when we were perfect and had wings
25. What is nostos?
26. what is Niobe turned into?
a weeping stone
27. List of characters/ transformations ( i have a larger list in an earlier blog)
actaeon- stag
Narcissus- narcissus flower
Atalanta- lion
Pentheus- boar
4 ages- gold to silver to bronze to iron, each progressively worsens
Adonis- wind flower (red spot from being sliced in the groin by the boar)
Arachnie- spider
Myrrha- tree (pregnant w/ adonis)
Tyresisu- man to woman to man
Mida - ass's ears

28. When i god privides something it cannot be taken away however it can be added on to.

29. Lysistrata Text:
essay's Greek Comedy and Athenian Women.....

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Acteon was the foolish young man who was hunting in the woods, and came upon Diane bathing, instead of turning away (like any smart man would) he continues to stare at her until she splashes water on him, and turns him into a stag, which his dogs then rip to shreds. I found several interesting works of art that depicted this momentous scene in Actaeon's life.

I begin to wonder at the power of a single moment. In that one moment Actaeon had to power to save himself, to make sure he made it out of this situation alive, however by following his own rational, his baser instincts he was ultimately lead to his death. Would that he had but looked away, he might have been saved. The power of that single moment, that one decision, changed his life forever, and essentially ended it. Are our lives defined by a single moment? can a single decision make or break us, decide whether we live or die. mayhap it is not for us to truley know may be we are just meant to live and have a single glance back, a realization of sorts, of "what might have been" It seems odd, that we would be left to our own devises, for it is a fact that humans are faulty and often make mistakes of momentous proportions. Maybe that is what we use religion for, to keep us with a sense of direction. For Actaeon his religion was ultimately his death, for he did not pay respect to it as he should have and consequently died. Maybe this is a warning to all of us, follow and honor your beliefs or you shall be torn to shreds by your dogs.


What kind of stress the characters in these books were under? do we take for granted the fact that everything has a chronologicallity to it, and even if the outcome is horrible the characters still never seem to stress about how things will turn out. either it will be a tragedy or a comedy, there will be no in between. Am I missing something or are there not "stressedies" those which are filled with stress throughout the entire text. By this I mean the constant worry of what will come not the realization that things are horrible, or horribly funny. While it does seem that the characters often worry, about their country, or that no one understands them it still seems odd that there are very few that exhibit these traits. Perhaps the characters do not have enough time to worry because their lives are too exciting and action filled for them to experience something as trivial as simply stressing about what the next course of action is. Never once does Iphogenia stress about how her life is coming to an end, or Lucius stress about turning back into a man. There never seems to be anything mundane in these texts, which is wonderful for the reader, but still leaves the characters seemingly less human for their lack of the quality that is found in each and everyone of matter how much we would like to deny it. Our innate ability to worry about even the slightest thing such as clothing still makes us human, maybe mundane, but human none the less. Are we missing something from stressing too much or are the characters left in our dust because they are with fewer faults than we? maybe it is a question that will be answered or at some level divined by the end of this class.

April 1 Class Notes

Go and watch Peter Matheson April 23 @ 7:30 Emerson Cultural Center Attend evening reading of Shadow country.

Mandatory attendance this Friday

Test #2 on 6th, w/ Relevant Questions on Friday

8th Correct test and start Golden Ass

17th start indidvidual presentations,
2-3 min on term paper
need a print version (formal) 4-5 pgs,
outside sources need MLA formatting
Also post on blog
15 people a day present Alphabetically from Z-A

Use Ovidain story line or type for summary in class

24th =groups 1and 2
27th= groups 3and 4
29th = groups 5 and 6
conclusion the 31st

tues the 5th is the final exam

metempsychosis- phylosiphy of the transfer or continuation of the soul, similar to reincarnation
works with the thoughts of vegetarianism because one did not want to soul they were eating to be passed on to them:

All things Change, nothing dies

The truthes of buddah: follow the pathe governemed by right, including thinking and living

Plato's phylosephy @ the end of The Republic
lowest thing to return to is a teacher

For Ovid there is no death

Ignorance is not bliss it is oblivion
though knowledge may not make you happier, you will feel more complete in the process

Read Shoni's blog Pg 64: we have only to conceive it to transform
Pg 96: " Slowly i begin the final metamorphosis I must drive out my old self and let in the universe in which everything is"