Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Music is Divine

I am addicted to music. Anyway you want it that's the way I need it. I have been involved in music for what seems like my entire life. I take every opportunity to sing (but not in class) and enjoy what I do very much. When Professor Sexton mentioned that music was divine in class the other day, I was extremely excited. Music is the way in which we express ourselves, sometimes music says and explains things in ways that we ourselves do not even understand.

Music for me is a balm, it cures any sickness and can right any wrong. The power it holds over me is hypnotic. Just like Hermes lyre's power holds Apollo. Apollo is seduced by its power and makes everything that Hermes has done seem inconsequential. This music is a type of healing.

When music exists on this level for someone it holds a power that is indescribable. By just existing the music makes you feel better. It will never desert you, it will never stab you in the back, it will be your true friend always.

Perhaps this is what Apollo gains from the music. He gains the peace the serenity and the indescribable something that completes us within music. For music is truly divine, for it is what completes us and makes us last beyond death, because music never dies.

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