Sunday, March 1, 2009

February 27 Class Notes

Tengents lead us back to the subject matter, ex. Groundhog's Day to The Myth of the Eternal Return

Alyssa's blog has What do we Talk About When We Talk About Love

Till we Have Faces
by C.S. Lewis
must get back to the basics

  • Homecoming
  • related to nostalgia or loning for home

The Rock is our Communal Sacred Rock, and Stacey found it while walking with her dogs.


  • philosophical phenomenon
  • musical Plato "The Rock is the way to the ONE"

Check out Luke's blog!!!

  • did assignment exactly and correctly
  • when something is interesting tell who the speaker is, whose idea it belongs to
  • background information
  • talks about the links, between his thoughts and the text
  • sets up a way for us to learn
  • tells of the problem of reductionist version of the Symposium, lose the musicality of the work


  • the writer of comedy and tragedy are the same!
  • must be skilled in both
  • must know both parts to understand love
  • everyone wants to believe everything is good, but we must develop a tragic outlook on life
  • there is both happiness and sadness but we must understand it all


  • must know the speaker
  • fifth removed story
  • stories within stories....ex: The Wife Of Bath in the Canterbury Tales
  • Who is telling the truth pg 15

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