Thursday, February 12, 2009

What would you do?

Antigone defies the state to do what she feels is right and buries her brother. This made me wonder what I would do in her situation. I have a younger and an older brother, both are very important to me, would I really do what is necessary so they could make it to heaven.

If my brother's fought it out and one of them were to die and our government said one of them was declared a traitor, it would be a devastating blow to my family. We have always been a patriotic family, and my family loves both of them. I naturally want to please as many people as possible, and I very rarely break the rules.

If my brother were to die, I would want to save him, but first I would try to reason with the government show all that he had done for the country and what a wonderful person he was. During the time while I was trying to defend him I would have guards making sure nothing happened to his body.

If my first plan didn't work I would then take his body home and manipulate everything in a James Bond type of way so that he could have a proper burial. No one would search Broadus, there are too many loyalties in my hometown and in the middle of no where it would be difficult to find a body.

In short, I would do whatever it took to make sure my brother got a proper burial, but i would want it to be a burial that the country acknowledged first, because since my brother is so patriotic it would mean something to him.

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