Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bad Day

I did not have a bad day so much as a bad night. I was babysitting my younger cousin, and we decided to go to the movies. I went there and we had a great time until we got back to the car and I realized I couldnt find my phone. So we search the entire mall parking lot, the movie theatre and even my car...no luck. I call my mother freaking out...lets face it im a poor college student with little to no money...and tell her what my problems are. About three minutes later I find my phone under my cousin's seat in the car (for the record he had searched it previously).

We head back to the house and we need to get sleep because we are going skiing the next day. I get my cousin to bed pretty early, but I stay up to do some homework. I head to bed about 11:30 and am in bed for about an hour or so when I receive a phone call from one of my friends. She is hysterical because one of her best friends has lied to her about sleeping with some guy(real nail bitter i know). So I stay up talking with her and helping her work through it for about an hour or so. She hangs up and I try to get back to sleep but just when I'm starting to fall asleep I hear this faint beeping noise. It becomes so annoying that I have to get out of bed and find the noise. Turns out it was the dying battery of a book that makes noise when you open it. I head back to bed and try to get some more sleep, however, there is a cat that feels my head is the perfect place to sleep. I have to fight this cat off continually through out the night. At 5:38am my younger cousin comes in to tell me that he is awake and is ready to go skiing. The best I can reply is "go read a book".

About seven it is blatantly obvious I can get no more sleep so I get up and make breakfast for him and get ready to head out, however the suburban has almost no gas so I have to use my own money to fill up the vehicle.

That's about where it ends, but ironically this happened the Friday that Professor Sexton told us to have a bad day....coincidence, i think not.

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