Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 9 Class Notes

When people say they wish we could go back to the days when entertainment did not have farting jokes, they have no idea what they are talking about. Hermes farts in Apollos face and something similar also happens in The Miller's Tale by Chaucer.

Nothing is original new or fresh, this inclues our language, ideas and politics.

Father Killed his father and married his mother and had relations with her. He also solved the sythinx's rhyme and consequently became king. While trying to find the killer of the old king (his father, whom he killed) he finds out the truth and claws his eyes out. He himself does not realize that he is harboring a murderer. He is like Nixon "I will find the one who is responsible for the Watergate" and outs himself.

It is inevitable that something bad will happen, in the book, and in our lives. You cannot blame others and at times you cannot blame yourself. We must move on and continue laughing "we laugh to keep ourselves from crying" Freud. This is a great site for all things Freudian.

Enthusiastic- entheos- theo= possessed by God,

Like Cassandra, whom the god Apollo wanted to be with, in payment she wanted to be able to tell the future. She runs away but not before she gets her gift as well as the added bonus of not having anyone believe her. She predicts that Agamemnon will die and noone listens.

This is related to Antigone because she says that noone can judge her but the gods....just think about it....

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