Thursday, February 5, 2009

February 4 Class Notes

Answer the Question:
Have you ever stolen something and then lied about it?

Just think of Hermes in this type of situation. He does what he needs to in order to get away Scot free.

The Myth of The Eternal Return
The diary entry by David Boyer
secular modern humanity
the modern idea lof time: time is linear : more complex than an unrepeatable event

Like a Geography, one that is meant to be explored. Take advantage of every opportunity to do so once we know our imagination there are no bounds.

Plutocracy: ruling on the basis of death aka Hades Rules!!!

Groundhog's day and Hermes and Demeter and Persephone are all the same and each is related however the exist on different worlds. Which is why there are so many paralells between them. Hermes and Bill Murray pushing the limits to see what they can get away with. Demeter and Persephone and the observation of rituals just like the oberservation of the theme of Groundhogs day.


It is linear,
You already know things, but you just forgot, and therefore must recolect what you forgot

Lewis Hyde:

Tricksters make this world go around.
Best architype for Hermes(Mercurial is his Roman name)
been there forever and we are the latest versions

Polytropic- one of many turns...two faced

Epithet- a nick name or a handle

"slim-ankled" Persephone
"swift-footed" Achilles
"wily" Odysseus

Hermes in modern times is Stewie
both are:
Enjoy Song and Dance
and enjoy being the baby with the blanket(innocent)

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