Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our parents

What if we all had parents or a relative like Creon? He seems to be an over bearing individual, more concerned with what everyone else needs rather than his family. The Kingdom comes first no if, ands, or buts. As a member of his family how would you feel? Knowing that he would help out a stranger before he would you. Granted the man has to look out for the kingdom, since hes kind of running it, but as a member of his family wouldn't you feel abandoned?

I do not believe that it would be wrong to assume that few if any of our parents are in a position like Creon and his family. We are not placed in a position where we feel exactly as the individuals in Antigone felt, however I believe it is also okay to assume that at times we have felt like our parents do not care about us, even if it is for a small amount of time. Whether it is there job or it is during a sport or anything else that comes to your mind, I'm sure there have been times when you have doubted your place in your parent's life, much like Antigone and Haemon must have felt.

Antigone's father leaves after blinding himself, and her mother hung herself. This makes one wonder how important she was to her parents. For a parent to be so far gone that they would think of themselves before their children, is a sad thing indeed.

Fortunately for myself, I have never been in such a situation. I have always known my parents love me(even if my dad is quite stoic :)) and in this regard I count myself to be lucky. I know not what I would do if things were to the contrary. However, it is almost cerain I would have been much more rebelious, just as Antigone was.

It seems Antigone is doing this in part for attention, as though she feels the need to be noticed by her parents even though they are no longer there. Maybe she is saying, look at me, care for me, as I care for my brother, who is now dead. She hold true to her familly in the face of doubt as her parents never could.

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