Saturday, May 2, 2009

Final Test

  • Death is the mother of beauty
  • last thanksgiving airpaling engine failure
  • go hojme and see mother
  • best thing is cookies and sunsets

Test Questions

1. What does lucius have to eat? Roses

2. Lucius attributes everything that happens to him, good or bad, to what? Fortune

3. What is Psyche told not to do ? Look in the box, or look at her husband

4. What is the image of Psyche, and draw it? Butterfly

5. What did Psyche convince her sisters to do? Jump off the cliff and they thought they would be caught by Cupid

6. What does Lucius say when trying to sy he didn't rob milo? NON

7. What is Lucius trying to become when he is turned into an ass? an Owl

8. The Truman Show is an example of what literary form? Frame Story

9. Lucius beacome the high priest of which religious myster? Isis

Livingston Enterprise: Kenya sex strick

Sam's Blog

  • absolute true story of a part time indian
  • sherman Alexie
  • can't stop laughing even though everyone is dying around him
  • give him story of medea

Zac's blog

  • wishes the rest of the world to be like the class
  • excited fr class
  • life is not a problem, it is a mystery, to be experienced not saved
  • power of love
  • "everybody loves everybody:
  • class in it together

April 29 Class Notes

Group 5
  • Reinactment of kidnapping of Persephone, with modern language
  • Zeus and Hades, compare women
  • Demeter is distraught
  • burn the baby
  • Elucinian mysteries (with canned corn)

Group 6

  • Whose myth is it anyways
  • dating game (lysistrata, Antigone, and Ovid Characters)
  • Party
  • Zac volunteers
  • Sam turns into a Valasa Raptor
  • Beer pong
  • Symposium
  • Buddah Irish drinking song

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Finally the semester has drawn to a close, and of all the classes I am most sad to see this one end. It seems as though it has been a long time since my imagination has been so engaged in a class, making me excited to go to class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The tales which we encountered were tales that I was familiar with, however, the way in which they were presented had me mulling them over long after the class that day was finished. Since taking this class I have begun to notice the world around me much more, I look at the things I love and try to love them with the intensity and simplicity of A Rock, A Tree, A Cloud. Each situation I encounter has me analyzing it for what I can learn from it, asking Why is this so familiar to me? Have I seen this before? All of this goes back to All that is Past Possesses the Present. One of my favorite pass times since hearing this phrase has been trying to convince my friends that this is true. Seeing the enlightenment on their face is a joy to me, once we establish that then we are able to move on to what we can learn from this, and hopfully solve all of the worlds problems. In addition NEVER have I encountered such an enthusiastic class and teacher. The combination of the both of them, drives me to do better, and be better within the scope of the class. I also want to experience everything that we read about (to an extent). I want to love like Cupid and Psyche, I want to play tricks like Hermes, Have the parental love of Demeter and Persephone, Cherish children as the Trojan women did, and love my country like Iphogenia. All of these things are so exciting, and I hope that I can experience them to some extent, even if it is for only a short time through the books we have read.
Basically. I would like to thank Dr. Sexton for sharing his enthusiasm for the Classical Literature with me, It has given me a greater outlook on life, and perhaps opened my eyes a little bit. I would also like to thank the class for sharing their many talents, it was an amazing experience to see everyones talents displayed in a vast array. So once again thank you, for the most enjoyable class of the semesnter.


It is amazing that even though everything that is past possesses the present we still manage to use our imaginations to entertain. Everyone who has presented in the last few days have shown their imagination in facinating ways, everything from drinking, and amazing art to game shows and Antigone remaid with dogs. Truly this class has some amazing talent, and perhaps this is not as strange as it first seems. Since all that is past is a part of us, then perhaps we have just been conditioned for too many years for us to not be imaginative. Each piece is exciting and entertaining on so many different levels. It astounds me that there have been no over laps in the tales. Sure each group has taken something from the different texts and used them, however the way in which they are used is truly exciting to me. Perhaps within the realms of this class we may have the next Ovid, or Socrates, who knows, but after seeing these presentations and hearing these papers I would not be surprised. The entire class has illustrated their power to imagine and entertain hopfully we will see more of this in years to come.

April 27 Class Notes

Group 3
  • feast of dionices
  • volunteers
  • Women dancers and Men posing
  • Sparagmos Dance
  • Modern Antigone w/ dogs
  • Mark and the tiolet is a comedy
  • Casting director and producer= Erysicthon
  • Man eating himself

Group 4

  • Spoof on Midas story
  • present day (donald trump)
  • The Golden Fool
  • Jesus changes donald
  • ultimately ends up bald
  • use mass texting
  • very funny!

April 24 Class Notes

Requirements : Read
Brian's blog
Rio's (Audio)

  • no comments on papers, lengthy ones via email
  • blog
  • 2 tests
  • presentation score
  • term papaer
  • add final grade

Group 1:

  • Symposium
  • Rio is liberated, filter over your eyes, all you need is love
  • Christina= art is love ist is constant and feeds inspiration
  • in love life
  • not a prisoner of live itr is freedome
  • Vernice
  • love is unscientigic love is sickness of mind
  • it is not a disease
  • Kahla
  • only one love
  • love is an act of will it is a choice
  • learn love i nour childhood
  • Ann
  • love is violent
  • love is confusiong it is a prey
  • disquised as lust
  • unexpected/no right or wrong
  • Jillian
  • all the facets of love
  • sex ed., lovers, power plays
  • living alone when you are naked
  • Luke
  • love IS
  • always strong
  • Romantic love
  • draws everyone
  • stunning and surprising
  • we love love
  • from all the moments, kisses, holding, scared to meet parents
  • love never ends

Group 2

  • Everything else Conflicts Homeric hymns Ovid
  • games show,
  • charades and pictionary

Monday, April 27, 2009

April 22 Class Notes

  • violence in the media
  • violence worse today=not true
  • ovid refutes that
  • media=control, and it is cathartic


  • echo
  • oen of the most powerful characters
  • self made immortality
  • she is tangible


  • the 4 ages
  • felt they are too harsh
  • not absolite there is still beauty


  • wrote a story
  • bull finches mythology
  • Pyramus and thisbe


  • Response to his own father
  • metamorphosis through the class
  • family death
  • catharsis reading/writing


  • tragedy in his life
  • metamophosis in the class to now
  • how he changed for the better
  • end of ovid's exhile
  • death is the mother of beauty
  • people are beautiful because they die


  • Erysicthon
  • everyone is greedy
  • compared it to america
  • relation to modern life


  • comparing Metamorphosis (Kafka) to Golden Ass
  • the different stages of their changes


  • classical literature is phallocentic and it down plays the women
  • Creon/Antigone
  • Rape of the women Zeus vs. Trojan Women
  • women as objects


  • Pathagrus
  • metempsychosis/ vegitarianism
  • Callisto and Penthius


  • magic
  • the idea of innocece in imagination
  • child belife we lose as we get older
  • turn into a butterfly/loss of magic
  • wish we could be adults with youthful innocnece


  • Popculture and our stories
  • rocky horror picture show/ pygmalion
  • human condition


  • symposium
  • transformation story of her theory on love
  • daughter of aphrodite and the daughter was lost
  • raised by humans and becomes a song
  • concerts and songs feeling of complete joy


  • Power of Eyes
  • indiana jones and cupid and psyche
  • pwoer to steal the soul


  • idea of love and what socrates learned
  • love is a spirit that brings 2 people together


  • Metemporphosis and how it applies to our lives
  • ted hughes= instantanious
  • our lives= catapillars which is just as extreme
  • teenage girl
  • seeing poverty