Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 2 Class Notes

The Power of Groundhogs Day

It is believed to be one of the top 10 movies in existence.
It helps us to reach an understanding that there are no consequences for your actions. Everything is permitted and you will never be in trouble.
The present is all Bill Murray has, each day becomes part of his past and he understands patterns and rituals, now understands it and the quality of consciousness.

Shows the theories of Fredrick Niche.
will the eternal living of the same day...
with this belief there is an understanding that there are sacred rituals and it is a type of religious experience.

Willing your self to treat everyday as sacred makes you treat your life with the reverence due to the E. Mysteries. In a sense we must all become Bill Murray and as such we must know that the power of the imagination is important.

We must bring to one ordinary day the quality of imagination that we are truly capable of.

The ordinary is the extroirdinary if you have the eyes to see it and the ears to hear it.


  • is a badass
  • exhibits the place in our lfie for mischief and mischief makers
  • live fast, love hard, and have a good looking corpse is his motto
  • brings humans messages from the Gods
  • coined the phrase "I was just born yesterday"

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