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February 13 Class Notes

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about love, basically guys sitting around drinking are telling love stories.

Blog about:

Assaulting an Old Person
What you think about love
Stealing and Lying
A Dead Pet
A Bad Day
by writing about something that hold pain, it takes away its power to hurt
Find a passage that is powerful from Steiner's work on Rio's blog and write about it

The Chorus
  • is usually old people
  • offering "old men" views (conservative, traditional)
  • their main theme is "Do not Presume" which means don't step over the line and remember the consequences


Steadies the rocking waves of the state. Everything is in turmoil from the civil war and everything Antigone has done, and he works to right all the wrongs and do what is best for the people he rules over.

Agon= conflict and agony

Which is what Creon is trying to fix.

Stichomythia- In Greek writing, is a rapid succession of one liners, They are what is found in Antigone, that George Steiner believes is so important.


Beholds unwritten laws, that being the laws of the Gods rather than the laws of the state. She understands that the Gods below (Hades) must be honored as well as Zeus. She knows that Hades has laws as well and those laws apply to her brother, and in order to make all Gods happy as well as prove her point, she must give her brother a burial.

Which is similar to the case of Baby M in unwritten laws vs. written laws arose in the decision to honor the surrogate mother or the adoptive mother.

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