Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the Symposium's interest

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs about the Symposium, I said my favorite passage was the one describing why we fall in love with someone else; we were once connected to them. To me this is so beautiful, and it answers the question of our need for love. Love is a part of who we are and we need it to feel complete.

Needing someone is not being week, instead it is just being who we were meant to be. We were supposed to be paired with another individual. Someone out there someone is our other half, our better half even. The love we hold in our hearts for that other person is an amazing. Perhaps that burning sensation we feel in the region of our heart when we think of that significant other is nothing more that our body remembering what it was like to be joined together as we were intended to be.

Maybe that is why we are so facinated with sex. It is like that is our only real way of knowing of our partner is our other half. It is the closest way we can get to being physically sealed together with another person. Sex is used as a tool, a recognization tool, in the hopes that if the sex is good enough we will have found our other half. Granted not everyone uses sex this way, some abstain from sex, and others are completly promiscueous and don't feel the need for anything more that a physical connection. However, are these same people hoping to fill the void that they have for someone who is their other half?

Perhaps this is also why we fall in love with our friends so often. We are compatable with them, thats why they are our friends. But maybe we also secretly hope that we can form a romantic relationship with some of our friends, because possible, hopefully even, they could be the one person on this earth that was meant for us and for us alone.

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