Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Symposium, tries to explain just exactly what love is, and why we love. In our everyday lives it is difficult to figure out, and put an exact definition to what love adds up to. Is it friends, is it family, is that one person that you burn for? Personally It is D) all of the above.

The love for ones family is like a warm blanket, one that will always be there for you. When you truly know you are loved by your family you know that nothing is strong enough to break the bond that you share with them, nothing and no one can come between you. Even when you are terrified to call home because something has gone wrong in your life, you know that they will still help you anyway that they can.

The love of a friend is completely different. Friends seem to understand you as no one else can. They see into who you are and can help you through the toughest of times. But at the same time a friends love can feel fleeting. How often do best friends fight and quit speaking to one another. Most times one spends their time wondering if they made the wrong step, and sometimes are afraid to be honest with their friends because they are afraid to lose them. The love of a friend is so diverse it is almost impossible to put an exact lable on it. It is ever changing.

Oh the love of another person, someone who is your other half who completes your makes you feel passion like none other is the best love of all. The slow consuming burn for another individual is perfectly explained in the Symposium. The need to find your other half is because we were once two people together. This idea shows our need for completion and the need that we feel to find it in another human being. The love of another in a sexual connotation, is shown by the blush of our cheeks, and the stutter on our lips, it makes us feel awkward, and helpless. At the same time empowered and driven because we are consumed with the love of another.

All of these combined explain love to me. Fore love cannot be just one entity, it must be all three. They all exist together, and help to make us human. Without love of anykind we would be cold, without feeling, and empty as a race. The love we have and how we care for it define who we are and in the end make us better people.

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