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January 30 Class Notes

Metis was a woman who it was said would bear a child stronger than its father so Zeus ate Metis (which means wisdom) and nine months later had a horrendous headache. He had the foraging god open his head and out came Athena. This girl was a daddy's girl.

The difference between Zeus and his predicessors is his ability to think through problems and he uses his brain to solve problems.

Prometis was an immortal who was able to see into the future. Zeus did not want to be overthrown by his offspring so he went to Prometis to ask him what woman he needed to avoid (because he couldnt remain faithful to Hera obviously) Prometis refused to tell him so Zeus chained him to a rock and everyday an eagle would come and peck at his skin and eat out his liver, and every night he would regenerate. Finally he broke down and told him that he had to stay away from Thesis. Zeus then married her off to Peleous and so Achilles was conceived....

You Just Had to Be There

Eleucinian Mysteries. The inducties were awestruck by what the had seen done, heard, shown. It was one of those life changing experiences. One that cannot be explained one just had to be there. The cutting of the grain...a symbol of something that would be considered crazy to them.

Finally on Persephone and Demeter

the level of anagog or the "woo-woo" which means beyond the earthly into the heavenly realm which describes their mother/daughter relationship.
Life and Death and the interdependency on life and death. which is like Persephone's story. For Persephone to live her life
she must face death.
Read Mark 14 and
John 12:24
Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

So though crops die when they are cut they still give life to us in return.

Music Anywhere

The first musical concert was Hermes and basically was the birth of music.
Music is a divine thing one that is the essence of our being.
Music almost makes us immortal.

Hermes wanted to be a God gives lyre all music is sacred. which transitions to all music is sacred.
touches chords of divinity in you.

find the song that you sang when you were little and drove your family crazy

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