Thursday, February 12, 2009

The sisters

Professor Sexton mentioned the difference between Antigone and Ismene. One being the strong sister and the other being the weak sister. Antigone is the one that everyone wants to be with. When he mentioned this I immediately started comparing my sister and myself.

I always want to make everyone happy, and I constantly worry. I think through every situation, so as to predict the outcome. I study constantly to make sure I get good grades. I was in 4-H for 11 years, and was president of SADD and my class for several years. I participated in basketball, volleyball, golf, and drama. I strove to be the goodie girl that everyone makes fun of.

My younger sister, is a bad ass, she puts her finger to her world, and dawns her devil may care attitude. True she gets good grades, but they don't mean anything. She gets in trouble, and she is not afraid to start a fight, especially with the parents.

If I had to put us in as certain characters my sister would be Antigone, and I would be Ismene. But there is an extreme difference. My sister and I stand by each other through the thick and thin. We will work with each other to make sure we have the best outcome.

There are so many things everyday sister's have in common with Antigone and Ismene but the essential difference i feel that exists now is that sisters now will stand by each other through whatever may come. Nothing can separate them and some are even the true and as close to ideal as possible. I would like to think that my sister and I have a good relationship, and if it isn't perfect, at least it will stand the test of our time.

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