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January 28 Class Notes

Hermes is at it again in our Bozeman Chronicle, creating all sorts of havoc but, then again that is his nature.

We talked much about Persephone and Demeter and their relationship. This relationship which is hard for men to understand. The mystery of it has fascinated me and most definitely Hades and Zeus.

mustes: means zip your lips and it is a part of the Eleucinian mysteries.


Artemis the archer was bathing in a lake when a young hunter happened upon her and saw her naked. Instead of looking and running like a smart man would when faced with a goddess he instead stares at her until she sees him. She flicks water on him and he grows horns and turns into a stag and is ripped to shreds by his dogs.

Spargamos- shredding or tearing a part of living flesh

Men want to know women's secrets and a women with a classic example of a secret would be Mona Lisa

Eleucis lasted longer than Christianity has and affected more people. There is less known about it because it was kept a secret.


All that is past possesses the present. In a sense we are continually repeating things until they are done correct.
ex: Groundhog Day Movie
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The contract between Zeus and Demeter is extremely uneasy, however it made the mother daughter relationship even stronger because they were able to cherish the time they were together again. This is the beginning of the shift to the male aspect of the relationship where he his the hero, the one who saves the maiden in trouble. Up until this point he is the invader in the relationship, the outsider.
pg 18
Honor rituals for mom and daughter and you will love forever.

Demeter is the goddess of Agriculture and helps to create the fertility myths
The Maypole is a phallic symbol used as a sign of fertility.


If you could be present for any part of music history what would it be?
Answer in Class

Some areas of Interest:

Highly literate cartoon with Marge and Homer as American Gothic...Kind of.

Night Sea Journey
by John Bark

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