Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 1 Class Notes

Go and watch Peter Matheson April 23 @ 7:30 Emerson Cultural Center Attend evening reading of Shadow country.

Mandatory attendance this Friday

Test #2 on 6th, w/ Relevant Questions on Friday

8th Correct test and start Golden Ass

17th start indidvidual presentations,
2-3 min on term paper
need a print version (formal) 4-5 pgs,
outside sources need MLA formatting
Also post on blog
15 people a day present Alphabetically from Z-A

Use Ovidain story line or type for summary in class

24th =groups 1and 2
27th= groups 3and 4
29th = groups 5 and 6
conclusion the 31st

tues the 5th is the final exam

metempsychosis- phylosiphy of the transfer or continuation of the soul, similar to reincarnation
works with the thoughts of vegetarianism because one did not want to soul they were eating to be passed on to them:

All things Change, nothing dies

The truthes of buddah: follow the pathe governemed by right, including thinking and living

Plato's phylosephy @ the end of The Republic
lowest thing to return to is a teacher

For Ovid there is no death

Ignorance is not bliss it is oblivion
though knowledge may not make you happier, you will feel more complete in the process

Read Shoni's blog Pg 64: we have only to conceive it to transform
Pg 96: " Slowly i begin the final metamorphosis I must drive out my old self and let in the universe in which everything is"

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