Thursday, April 2, 2009


What kind of stress the characters in these books were under? do we take for granted the fact that everything has a chronologicallity to it, and even if the outcome is horrible the characters still never seem to stress about how things will turn out. either it will be a tragedy or a comedy, there will be no in between. Am I missing something or are there not "stressedies" those which are filled with stress throughout the entire text. By this I mean the constant worry of what will come not the realization that things are horrible, or horribly funny. While it does seem that the characters often worry, about their country, or that no one understands them it still seems odd that there are very few that exhibit these traits. Perhaps the characters do not have enough time to worry because their lives are too exciting and action filled for them to experience something as trivial as simply stressing about what the next course of action is. Never once does Iphogenia stress about how her life is coming to an end, or Lucius stress about turning back into a man. There never seems to be anything mundane in these texts, which is wonderful for the reader, but still leaves the characters seemingly less human for their lack of the quality that is found in each and everyone of matter how much we would like to deny it. Our innate ability to worry about even the slightest thing such as clothing still makes us human, maybe mundane, but human none the less. Are we missing something from stressing too much or are the characters left in our dust because they are with fewer faults than we? maybe it is a question that will be answered or at some level divined by the end of this class.

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