Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nobody like Mom

When reading Cupid and Psyche it is quite funny to me to think about Cupid running home to mother, because she can make everything better. Not much has changed, parents still dote upon their children and my family is no exception my father's mother is the sweetest, quirkiest, craziest lady that I know. But because of this she is loves her children and loves to tell her grandchildren what fabulous children our parents were.
Once my siblings and I were watching t.v. and an ad for some Micheal Jordan memorabelia came on and we began talking about how difficult it would be to be his kid, my dad chose that moment to jump in saying that must be what it was like for us. He was quite surprised when we agreed with him...but not for the reasons he was thinking of :). Our grandmother in every single conversation I have ever had with her, has mentioned how wonderful my father is "you know when your father was in high school he worked so har" and when I left for college "your dad came home and worked on the ranch for a semester to help us all out" when I got a new car "we bought your father a car, but he gave it back because he wanted to pay for it on his own" when my friends get in trouble for drinking "your dad never drank in high school, he just played poker" my grandma may seem naive in some senses but for all of it she loves her children with a passion that is incomparable. My father in turn is much the same "you know Julie (my mother) mom made a great meal for lunch, she does such a great job, shes such a great cook" all while we are eating my mom's cooking. They have a strange relationship....anyways.....
So while I was reading Cupid and Psyche and this kept replaying through my head. Mothers and Sons have a very strong relationship and seem unable to see each others flaws and are willing to do anything for one another, this is so similar to my dad and grandmother, it makes me smile, because I can relate so well. It makes sense that ancient writers would chose these parental relationships to write about, because to be honest not alot changes from year to year, especially familial ones. If nothing else this gives me hope, for my relationship with my children in the future

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