Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 15 Class Notes

Shadow Country: 900 pgs....but definitely a good read

The Golden Ass

Exemplary Romance/Wonder Text
  • outrageous adventures
  • discovery
  • buffetted by fortune
    form basis of outrageous literature/comedy that you will continue to encounter


  • Hero's journey, only it is a woman
  • impossible tasks must be completed before the happy ending
  • like Beauty and The Beast
  • at heart the beast is kindly
  • story of innitiation, that of Psyche to Mount Olypus
  • Psyche moves from Bimbo to Divination
  • Sister's demand that she sees her "ugly" husband
  • she sees he is beautiiful and accosts him and wax falls on him
  • she is pregnant

Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis

  • cult following
  • version of Cupid and Psyche



pricks her finger on his arrow and "so the soul falls in love with love"

  • she holds onto his legs and he kicks her away
  • Psychic development of the feminine
  • trys to kill herself but instead she washes ashore
  • tells a lie...this shows the powers of invention, saying that her husband wants to marry Psyche's sisterand she must jump off the cliff to win him, instead the sister dies

Ch. 9

  • boyfriend comes in and kills the robbers
  • Venus says for capturing Psyche she will reward the finder with seven kisses and one french kiss
  • Once Psyche is caught, she must perform impossible tasks, however the beasts help her to solve her problems, as well as several other animals
  • the ultimate thing that Psyche must do is ask Prosperpina for her makeup and she must go to the underworld for this
  • she must not open the box, but she does and falls into a deep sleep
  • Cupid saves her and she becomes immmortal

Ch. 10

  • frame narrative
  • not a happy ending,
  • she kills herself


  • elaborate pantimime of judgement of Paris
  • much like the mask in the Tempest by Shakespeare
  • Lucius runs away from the circus


  • jumps up to purify himself in the water seven times
  • prays to queen of heaven to make him a man again (Isis)


  • epiphany - sudden manifestation of the divine into the ordinary world


  • true name is Isis= universal mother
  • wants him to vome to high priest (initiation) take the crown of roses and eat them he will then be turned back
  • look @ deborah's blog


  • he is transformed
  • becomes a priest of Isis


  • Lucius talks to audience
  • in the end it is happy but we must be initiated...we must eat the roses

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