Sunday, April 12, 2009


Of all the deadly sins, it has been said that pride is the worst, and perhaps this is true. I, however, would counter that by saying Jealousy is most detrimental to those around you. Jealousy is not so easily recognized, and may be shown in other forms such as anger, as well as deception. Those who are jealous of another, may easily hide what they are feeling because it can be shown in the form of another emotion. Consequently the person that the envy is directed at may have no idea when disaster may strike or when they may be sabotoged, most especially when it is a family member. Cupid does not realize he is being manipulated by his mother and Psyche does not realize she is being manipulated by her jealous sisters. Consequently disaster strikes. If this baser emotion had been contained perhaps the pair could have continued on in bliss. I think it is true that one is content until a seed of doubt is planted. In this instance the seed was planted out of jealousy, not out of love, or the need and caring one should actually have for one's sister. Instead by being purely self motivated the lovers were broken up. It would have made a great twist at the end if Cupid had refused to shoot them with his bow and arrows and consequently they would never find the love that they took away from their sister.

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