Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It is amazing that even though everything that is past possesses the present we still manage to use our imaginations to entertain. Everyone who has presented in the last few days have shown their imagination in facinating ways, everything from drinking, and amazing art to game shows and Antigone remaid with dogs. Truly this class has some amazing talent, and perhaps this is not as strange as it first seems. Since all that is past is a part of us, then perhaps we have just been conditioned for too many years for us to not be imaginative. Each piece is exciting and entertaining on so many different levels. It astounds me that there have been no over laps in the tales. Sure each group has taken something from the different texts and used them, however the way in which they are used is truly exciting to me. Perhaps within the realms of this class we may have the next Ovid, or Socrates, who knows, but after seeing these presentations and hearing these papers I would not be surprised. The entire class has illustrated their power to imagine and entertain hopfully we will see more of this in years to come.

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