Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 17 Class Notes


  • Originality/ Pinoccio
  • wanting to become a real boy becomes an ass- fulfill task is then a real boy
  • reminded of what we forget


  • Transmigration
  • why there are family resemblances
  • any imaginary life pg 64
  • transformation of our soul in to betterment


  • also transmigration but in conversation form
  • how you look @ life
  • losing friends and gaining new ones at cllege
  • easier to welcome change with open arms
  • everything returns to laughter


  • Laughter
  • used sotry of Ramahan?
  • god, human folly and Laughter
  • Begin with laughter and end with laughter (tragedy and comedy)


  • nothing is as it seems
  • circumstances shouldn't be taken for granted just because they are not original

Zach Smith

  • What I learned
  • emotions connect to us
  • need deeper level connections
  • correcting past and present through emotions


  • one god 2 names
  • Zeus and Jupiter
  • suit what they wanted out of their people
  • Greek art and Roman Warriors


  • Movies and Literature
  • Legends of the fall- Hermes- brother's feud
  • Gran Tarino- Antigone- The Conflicts
  • dances with Wolves- An Imaginary life


  • Hitch hiking boy, runs away from problems and learns life lessons from a man along the way who says you cannot get rid of anything without thinking about it
  • explores all is suffering all is fleeting,
  • make peace and accept life and what it is


  • Love and Lust and the combinations
  • Child love = innocent
  • Lust can complicate
  • searach for the balance of the two


  • An Imaginary Life= festival of Dionisis
  • waking up in the imaginary life and being a part of the festival
  • anamenesis


  • Past possesses the present
  • applies to evberything in our lives
  • chorus old and new
  • it is like babe
  • the guys at the coffee shop


  • what would have happened if the child had really been a wolf
  • difference between knowing and KNOWING
  • we know the difference
  • if we forget everything every time then we must do everything over through history
  • kind of anamnesis

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  1. Since there was a question mark next to is, I am making the (brash? arrogant? stupid?) assumption you want to know more about the story Jenny Lynn talked about. She talked about the Ramayana, which one could think about as the Indian equivilant of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. The Ramayana is an important myth from India that describes the heroic quest of Rama, who (in the Luke Forney Short Edition) is wrongfully exiled, then found innocent of the imagined crimes, but decides to go into exile anyways so that he can keep his word. He then loses his wife to a demon, gathers an army of monkey-men to attack the demon, storms the demons castle, and reclaims his wife. Following this, he returns from hsi ten years of exile to rule his kingdom. There is far more to it than that, but it gets to the main jist of the tale. It certainly has some fun moments.