Friday, April 3, 2009

Exam #2 Notes

Know all of Ovid, including intro (he has a certain skepticism in his work)

Allen mendlebalm has a better opening line:
I shall have life
this is true because we can immortalize ourselves through books and writing


1. what is flighting?
bantering, especially in Lysistrata between the 2 choruses, with deragatory comments
2. What is a tally?
a broken piece of a coin, which in the symposium was explained by Aristophanies when we were one

3. Echo.....just know it all

4. What two characters are models of Romeo and Juliet?
Pyramus and Thisbe
5. Name three of the seven speakers and be able to say what they talked about...
Phaedrus=love and sacrifice
Pausanias= heavenly love vs. common love
Eryximachus= love harmonizes us
Aristophanes= we are a tally, we were once whole and have now been broken, and look for the one to complete us
Agathon= love is beautiful and perfect
Socrates= love can't be beautiful and perfict, desire, one cannot desire something if they alreayd have it, love is wanting, love means not having the thing you need, it is an intermediate stage, love is loooking for that which he does not have (he heard this from Diotima
Diotima( kind of )= love is a great spirit between god and mortal, immortality of thehuman soul
Alcibiades= praises socraties, he hates him because he loves him so much.

6. Tragedy means_________ and comedyd means___________.
goat song; song of the Revel

7. What is metempsychosis?
transmigration of souls
8. what is catharsis?
purging of the feeligns of pity and fear....tragedy
9. what is the worst thing that can happen to you (according to the Trojan Women?)
Sacrificing a Child
10. What does obscene mean?
off stage
11. difference between old comedy and new comedy.
old comedy deals with flighting, and the continueing banter, while new comedy deals with boys and girls and obstacles between them

12. Plato's theory that we already know everything we just forgot it all?
13. Which goddess offerred Helen to Paris? (what did Paris chose as a gift from the Goddesses?)
Aphrodite Helen
14. Dr. Sexton says to think of reincarnation as?
poetic thought or a metaphore

15. What character does Aristophanes use for reconciliation in Lysistrata?
a naked girl

16. Difference between Sophoclian and Euripidan tragedy?
sophoclean is formal while euripidian is emotional

17. tragedy is associated with what? comedy?
tragedy is individual while comedy is community

18. why do we laugh?
to keep from crying

19. in what story does a bear become a constellation?
20. what is paraasis?
abusing of the audience, a part of comedy, make fun of the audience

21. woman as spoil of war become what 2 things?
concubines and slaves

22. what is PHallocenticism?
the domination of a culture by the male point of view or the phallic point of view
23. Aristotle believed the perfect literature was...
24. According to Plato what happens when you see something beautiful?
your shoulder blades itch because we want to get back to when we were perfect and had wings
25. What is nostos?
26. what is Niobe turned into?
a weeping stone
27. List of characters/ transformations ( i have a larger list in an earlier blog)
actaeon- stag
Narcissus- narcissus flower
Atalanta- lion
Pentheus- boar
4 ages- gold to silver to bronze to iron, each progressively worsens
Adonis- wind flower (red spot from being sliced in the groin by the boar)
Arachnie- spider
Myrrha- tree (pregnant w/ adonis)
Tyresisu- man to woman to man
Mida - ass's ears

28. When i god privides something it cannot be taken away however it can be added on to.

29. Lysistrata Text:
essay's Greek Comedy and Athenian Women.....

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