Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 13 Class Notes

2-3 min presentations
example (an enjoyable one)
read a sentence from your piece

on friday

Golden ass pg numbers of interest
  • 18
  • 25
  • 2860
  • 71
  • 93
  • 117
  • 120
  • 127
  • 131
  • 132
  • 139
  • 143

A young woman is abducted by robbers , and an old woman tells her the best way out of this is through story. so she tells her of Cupid and Psyche

18- Outrageous happenings that are hard to beleive even though you are there

"Gimple the Fool" also stretches the bounds of credibility

25- what you see is not really what it seems

28- Acteon seeing Diane bathing

59-60- character who is not bright in an odd situation/ n elaborate hoaz for the benefit of the protaganist

ex: the truman show, or Anger Management

71- His transformation

  • rub ointment but the wrong kind is put on him and then he was abducted by bandits
  • only way to change back is to eat roses
  • look at Deborah's for meaning of the goldene ass and the religious take on it

Once Upon a time...transportus us back into a place that cannot be exactly pin ounted

  • beauty and the beast- cupid and psyche
  • phylosophical allegory between the soul and its relationship to love
  • psyche means mind now but was originally used for SOUL
    always a butterfly
  • cupid is a trickster
  • psyches accepts death like Iphogenia, even though Psyche is saved
  • the best love is to be in love with love!

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