Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 27/29 Class Notes

Next Exam:

Tiresias-man to woman to man
Atalanta- lion
Myrrha- tree
phaeton's sisters- poplar trees
Niobe- weeping stone
Pyramus and Thisbe- Red mulberries
Venus and Adonis- wind flower
Lycaon- wolf
Arethusa- stream
Cygnus- swan
Erysicthon- daughter= power to change in to anything
Hercules and Deianira - Constellation/ Nessus- poison shirt
Peleus- Thetus -shape shifter
Salamacis and Hermaphrodi - one body
Prosperpina- cyane - water and owl
Echo and Narcisus- echo and narsissus flower
Midas- ass's ears
clalystos Archus- the bears, ursa major and ursa minor
Semele- explosion
Pygmalion- perfect woman
Lychus- Rock
Birth od Hercuels-= midwife into a weasle
4 ages: gold to silver to brass to iron, each is progressively worse
Lycian peasants = frogs

Friday we will use to study

  • The symposium
  • Lysistrata
  • iphogenia @ Aulis
  • Trojan Women
  • Ovid's Metamorphosis
  • An Imaginary Life

Make questions that get to the heart and are not fecisious for friday

Christina's blog

  • an imaginary life
  • water carriers of Savile

Being to read blogs of all fellow students especially An Imaginary Life, look for visual examples of stories from ovid

What is it that makes these stories so facinating

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