Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 20 Class Notes

  • what i learned in this class
  • greek literature affects all forms of literature
  • Spirited away= parents turned into pigs,
  • must not look back = Orpheus


  • Absolute man- pursuit of transformation
  • obids transformation throughout the book
  • remaking ourselves


  • Boastfulness of Niobe and how we see that in ourselves


  • Anamnesis
  • love as a feeling when we remember
  • retold story of his mother's lullaby
  • being able to remember that s/ her and understanding their relationship
  • connection with mother through anamnesis


  • shadow country
  • rerenderinf of mythology
  • the conflicts


  • the death of children
  • woman in her community who killed her own children
  • love of a child is a horrible thing to lose
  • Read MEDEA


  • Cupid and Psyche
  • today''s version also, a frame narrative


  • tragedy- trojan women
  • why do we suffer and modern tragedy
  • realization within boyfriend, " I know how you feel"
  • so you know you are not alone in your suffering


  • love leading to immortality
  • beauty leads the divine
  • recognizing the completion in ourselves
  • everyone experiences soe love but each is unique


  • love
  • how love and dath share a close bond
  • cant have one with out the other
  • hades loved Persephone very much, and let her leave
  • even death needs to be loved
  • love must be kept together = Haemon and Antigone
  • "death is the mother of beauty" Wallace Stevens from poem Sunday morning


  • Callisto and the girl with the Pearl Earing
  • callisto is everywhere
  • sea, cowboys, time, indians

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