Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 2 Class Notes

Lysistrata is obscene,
off stage, that which is not fit in front of an audience was considered obscene

Finnegan's Wake
  • Anne Olivia is reflecting on her life
  • she is turning back into the river
  • wants one who understands her
  • most famous unread book in the world
  • motion of the words, holds a musicality and a sense of language and poetry
  • most beautiful passage of literature in the English language
  • Feminine principle at work, she is all women
  • Read James Joyce!!!!!

Thee Skin of Our Teeth By Thorton Wilder

  • interpretive Finnegan's Wake

Leave behind the notion that you must understand everything

Read Jennylynn's Blog on Symposium

  • Teacher's guide
  • can revisit her beautiful rendition


  • basic context of the speakers
  • historical context ex: Socrates was killed because he was "corrupting the youth of Athens"
  • Most enjoyable thing to do is recall Socrates


  • Greek word for truth
  • Look at Pullman's trilogy (the Golden Compass) will find "truth seekers"
  • Letha means to forget
  • A= not
  • in consequence literally translated truth is to not forget or REMEMBER!!!
  • we have forgotten everything


  • love and sacrifice


  • heavenly love vs. common love


  • love harmonizes us


  • we are tallies (coins broken apart and used for recognition)
  • look for soul mates and are a part of a broken half and look for the other that completes us


  • Love is beautiful and perfect


  • love can't be beautiful because of desire
  • love is desire, love is wanting loves meaning
  • love is an intermediate stage
  • love is looking for that which we doe not have
  • he learned it from Diotima
  • she said love is a great spirit between the gods and mortals
  • it is the immortality of the human soul
  • we must start at the bottom (rock) and work up to love that is more complicated
  • love the notion of the GOOD


  • praises Socrates
  • he is the worst because he loves him so much

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