Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 4 Class Notes

Recent translations of ancient texts tend to be more blunt
Lysistrata especially uses Flying text which is conversation that leans on the side of crude and vulgar

The Symposium
  • must be seen in context
  • is a benign sort of Flying,
  • everyone has a different view
  • human situations

It is not important what you can DO with your degree, but it is important what you can LEARN from your degree.

Parent of Love= poverty and plenty


  • an intermediate spirit
  • humans operate a different level
  • in the end what we quest for is Beauty so it is a quest that starts there can in in a lover of wisdom and that of immortal and the good
  • love is a part of the activity of loving
  • using language is Erotic


  • not a speech, it is a story, a narrative of love
  • desires Socrates but it is never consummated
  • his being a love should be valued
  • addicted to Socrates because of his inner beauty
  • (Plato understood the power of a Frame narrative)
  • Similar to BBC movie Almost Strangers


  • most primitive comedy is Gross and Aggressive
  • Translated by Sara Rooden who is a woman, and is making a name for herself as one of the foremost translators of classic literature

Burning of Library in Alexandria

  • lost so many precious, and ancient texts
  • was burned by anti-intellectuals

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