Thursday, March 12, 2009


In Lysistrata the two choruses argue and exchange insults, and they are quite colorful, as a sister I face this with almost every encounter with my siblings.
Kate: Shut up, Liz you are not as great as you think you are
Liz: Are you kidding me Kate?! At least I'm going to amount to something
Kate: Oh, like anybody would want to be like you
Liz: Enough people do, and I have more friends that you do because I'm nicer
Kate: At least I'm not fake
Liz: Oh, and what are you when you talk to the parents
Kate: Like they even matter
Liz: You don't even appreciate what they do for you
Kate: They just want to control our lives
Liz: Like they could control you, one of these days you are gonna mess up and youll feel like a real JackAss
Kate: Liz, you are such a bitch, god I can't even believe we are related
Liz: Fuck you kate
Kate: Dumb Bitch, Dani is a better sister than you
[exit Liz]
Kate and I did not talk for a long time, when she came to apologize I told her I couldnt deal with her and how much it hurt me.

Sisters get into fights, its just the way it works. But the thing about Love is that no matter what it continues and you will love them through thick and thin and even though they do some pretty shitty things to you. Love is indescribale, but it does transend distance and time. The Trojan women knew love and the many deaths they faced the loved ones lost. The women knew how love would last even after they were diveed up between the Greeks. Sisters were separated, they must have fought and even possibly right before they were separated. Though my sister and I fight fairly often we still love one another and if we were separated nothing would stop us, the same way that the Trojan women were, we would do everything possibly to find one another, and beat all obsticles. Though the times have changed, women, or at least my sister and I have changed very little from the women of the past.

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