Thursday, March 26, 2009

And then one day....

Once there was a young girl, smart, independent etc, etc. She lived her life just by the books, always perfect, with the right clothes the right schooling, the perfect grades, and of course the perfect boyfriend. Everything was perfect....or so it seemed. And then one day she was sitting by the pond (on a blanket of course, one wouldnt want to get dirty) reading, when her very handsome boyfriend came up. He really was quite stunning she thought to herself. He was tall, and mild mannered, with the breathtaking smile designed to make your heart melt, however today all she could think about was how imperfect being perfect was. As he sat down beside her she decided it was the time for some questioning. "Why are we together?" she asked him...."uhh why do you ask?", the girl can do nothing but roll her eyes "forget about it" later that evening she made a decision....what was the point in being perfect? she asked herself, When people are truly meant to be imperfect shouldn't those screw ups and pitfalls be enjoyed. The mess ups are the spice of life.
In the dead of night she packed up her things and took off, hey if she was going to be imperfect, she figured she might as well start off with a bang! the road was long and trying, many a bad hair day followed, along with a rainy day, and one or two missing garments. She had been traveling for some time when she came upon a small town, it had rained the day before, and she was not looking her best. her hair was a mess, and her clothes slightly misshapen. As she neared the town she saw a young man who was being beat up by a much larger oaf of a man. The girl was outraged, she had never seen such a thing,(because perfect people never fight) she saw a large branch lying nearby. she picked it up and crept be hind the oaf who had the young man pinned up against a wall. The young man's surprise showed when she hit the oaf in the back of the head..knocking him uncouncious.
The young man was so releaved, but slightly embarrassed as well. He stared at her for a few minutes, and then ran back to his village. At this the girl became quite upset, she had just done something quite extraordinary and he did not even appreciate her hard work. The girl was so furious that when she got to town, she searched out that same young man. This man, who happened to be about the same age was working in the local library. She began to yell at him, telling him how ungrateful he was. This went on for some time until the young man finally placed a hand over her mouth, and held up a piece of paper. The paper stated that the young man was mute, and partially deaf, which is why the oaf and caught him in the first place and noone had come to his rescue. The girl was contrite, but began laughing at the same time. In the process of being imperfect she had made a mistake that made her look like an idiot. At the bottom was a note for asking if the girl would marry him. Taking out her pen she politely replied no, because it is much better to have friends in strange places rather than romantic attachments. And so the young man and young woman aged with little grace and many mistakes, but happy none the less.

how does this relate to class? The girl was transformed, of her own concious doing, this particular choice, just happened to make her happier. It is true that through out ever one of the pieces of literature that we have read, the characters were allowed decisions, just as this young girl was. Also the mistakes made by each character apply to this little tale as well. Each person just wants to be happy, and mistakes and decisions help lead us to that particular point.

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