Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Homeric Hymns Demeter

The story of Demeter is quite dynamic in that the characters all have their own agenda. Aidoneus simple wants a wife, however that is not so simple since it MUST be Persephone. Persephone wants to return to her mother Demeter. Demeter wants her daughter back and keeps the world barren for it.

All of these are quite interesting but the most fascinating to me was Demeter and Persephone's relationship. The complete devotion they show towards one another is captivating. Demeter shows strong maternal instincts in the way that she protects and searches for her daughter. This need is seen many times today especially when a parent has lost a child. The parents work mercilessly and tirelessly to find their missing child.

Persephone was taken against her will and betrayed by her own father. This makes her a completely vulnerable character. Not only was she kidnapped but she was also forced to eat seeds which made it impossible for her to ever be completely free of her captor.

Both are tragic characters, however through the mist of their tragedy they still stay strong for one another. They never lose faith in one another and continue to search for the happy ending that they both wish to perceive. This makes them strong in their own right, and truly amazing women.

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