Sunday, January 25, 2009


On Friday Professor Sexson said something that really caught my attention. He said "A Dream is the imagination gone wild". It brought to mind the many crazy dreams I have had over the years. My mind has come up with everything from flying in order to pick berries to save my family, to dreaming about my own wedding. These dreams are so interesting and they apply to our theme that our past possesses our future. Everything we dream about has parts of our past within them. While I have never been married, I have been to many a wedding, and dreamed of my own happy ending, and although I have never been in dire need of food, I know the feeling of hunger.

My imagination is completely unfiltered and uncontrolled while I am sleeping. This means anything that is on my mind, any feeling I have within my subconscious is subject to change and modification. Everything in my past and in the worlds past is within my dreams. Proving that everything past is present. Which includes mythology.

Our dreams can be looked upon as mythology, a way of explaining the unexplainable. Our mythologies and our past all exist and come together in our dreams in ways that we cannot begin to understand, let alone explain.

Perhaps we can learn from our dreams, from our "imaginations gone wild". Since only a small portion of our brain is used, perhaps more of it is utilized while we are sleeping and(follow me) we can learn from that portion that is inactive for the majority of the day. If this is indeed true, maybe we can begin to understand our future more.

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  1. I like this. I had a bit more to say about it, hope you don't mind my theft of your topic.