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January 26 Class Notes

Things are not "boring" we must make things interesting for ourselves..

  • read through situations, texts, etc.

  • ask "What animates them?"


1.A Eurasian mint (Mentha pulegium) having small lilac-blue flowers and ovate or nearly orbicular leaves that yield a useful, aromatic oil.

2.An aromatic plant (Hedeoma pulegioides) of eastern North America, having purple-blue flowers and glabrous leaves that yield an oil used as an insect repellent.


  • don't forget to make them interesting. It is important to surprise Professor Sexton.

  • Add pictures

Eleucian Mysteries

  • Something was Said (Spoken about, retold etc.)

  • Something was Done (Rituals, ceremonies)

  • Something was Shown (People watched and learned)

  • this is an example or similar to "Show and Tell"


American Gothic by Grant Wood



A more modern depiction of Hades riding away with Persephone on is chariot, and the women shows a very somber version of Persephone

Saturn Devouring His Children by Goya



Saturn ate his children in order to stop them from taking over his rightful place as leader. As myth has it Zeus's mother Rhea did not want her child eaten so she gave Saturn a stone to eat instead. Once Zeus is strong enough he battles his father wins and then makes his father throw up his siblings. The siblings along with Zeus became the first Olympians. This illustrates the original conflict between men and women.

Mary and Jesus by Michelangelo


It is like Demeter weeping for Persephone

Greek Men

Thesis decides that we wants Persephone so he gets his friend to go to the Underworld so they can get her. Hades says yeah you can have her let me go and get her. They sit on a bench to wait, when Persephone comes out Hades says well all you have to do is take her. When they try to stand they realize that they are stuck. So they end up staying there until much later when Hercules comes to beat up Hades and take back one of his conquests. He says I can only take one of you so he takes Thesis and rips him off of the seat. This is why Greek men have little bottoms.


Goddess of Agriculture:

Becomes a nanny and puts a baby in the fire so as to take the mortality out of him.

The contract between Zeus and Demeter is much like the contract of marriage between men and women. (All that is past possesses the present)

Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen

Another telling of Hades and Persephone

ex: dark mysterious man, with a hollow mansion the woman does not like him in the beginning.....need more information READ IT!!!! ( I have a copy if someone needs it)

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