Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 16 Class Notes

  • Antigone

The Five Most Important Conflicts:

1. Men and Women
-where drama originates
- assign. transcribe last conversation with significant other
2. Age and Youth
- Antigone has the conflict of the old guy and young woman
- Youth and Age always conflict
- assign. Argue with older person
3. Individual and the State
- Each has their own claims
4. Living and the Dead
- Not as huge now due to the funeral company
- What do we owe the dead? What claims do they have on the living? etc.
- Rights of the dead vs. Rights of the living
5. Gods and Humans

  • Steiner is careful with lnaguage and one must take notice of his words especially in Antigones
  • We use the words Shakespeare made up, and his words challenges us just like Steiner.


  • All of our past is our future
  • Keep in mind that we arrive to scenes belatedly, and as such must learn from those who came and thought before us
  • We value something that is here before us
  • It is not old irrelevant or boring it is new exciting and more relevant to you than you had previously perceived

For Wednesday:

  • Transcribe a conversation with significant other
  • Fight with an old person
  • get Bozeman Chronicle (Primary example of NOT Steiner)
  • Watch Aladdin :)

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