Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 21 Class Notes

When reading the Bozeman Chronicle, one should view it as though they are reading some of George Steiner's literature.

Henry David Thorough said we shouldn't be reading the "Times" we should be reading The Eternities.

As with the first two statements read the Bozeman Chronicle as you would read pg 231 of Steiner's Antigone's ( found on Rio's Blog).

We should argue constantly (not that we can avoid it anyways) because from here is the spice of life, that which makes life exciting.

We use small talk everyday, one should read deeply into this small talk treating it just as you would Antigone's.

Eleusinian- These were "Mysteries" or ceremony's held in honor of Demeter and Persephone. It celebrates the return of Persephone to Demeter, and consequently the return of spring.


  • Have the Five Conflicts Memorized
  • Go to Luke's site and check for your name
  • Don't forget to read every one's blog
  • Write your blogs (approximately 300 words)
  • Transcribe conversation with significant other.

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