Saturday, May 2, 2009

Final Test

  • Death is the mother of beauty
  • last thanksgiving airpaling engine failure
  • go hojme and see mother
  • best thing is cookies and sunsets

Test Questions

1. What does lucius have to eat? Roses

2. Lucius attributes everything that happens to him, good or bad, to what? Fortune

3. What is Psyche told not to do ? Look in the box, or look at her husband

4. What is the image of Psyche, and draw it? Butterfly

5. What did Psyche convince her sisters to do? Jump off the cliff and they thought they would be caught by Cupid

6. What does Lucius say when trying to sy he didn't rob milo? NON

7. What is Lucius trying to become when he is turned into an ass? an Owl

8. The Truman Show is an example of what literary form? Frame Story

9. Lucius beacome the high priest of which religious myster? Isis

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Sam's Blog

  • absolute true story of a part time indian
  • sherman Alexie
  • can't stop laughing even though everyone is dying around him
  • give him story of medea

Zac's blog

  • wishes the rest of the world to be like the class
  • excited fr class
  • life is not a problem, it is a mystery, to be experienced not saved
  • power of love
  • "everybody loves everybody:
  • class in it together

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